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WNBC TV Interview, October 2008 (coming soon)

WTTW TV Interview, October 2008

WDEL Interview, January 2007

WDEL Interview, March 2006


September 11th, 2008: Panel discussion on “Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State” at the Cato Institute in D.C.

October 25th, 2008: Harper Lecture, University of Chicago Alumni Association, San Diego

October 26th, 2008: Harper Lecture, University of Chicago Alumni Association, Los Angeles

Print Press

Peter Orzag, Bloomberg, December 2011

Reihan Salam, Forbes, January 2010

Robert Schlesinger, US News and World Report, January 2010

Jason Zengerle, New York Magazine, January 2010

Frank Rich, New York Times, November 2009

Phillip Reese and Steve Wiegand, Sacramento Bee, October 2009

Dale Davenport, The Patriot-News, October 2009

David Brooks, New York Times, October 2009

Mark Silva, Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp, June 2008

EJ Dionne, Washington Post, March 2006

Selected Blog Mentions, January 2010

PowerLine, January 2010

Andrew Sullivan, October 2009

Kevin Drum, October 2009, October 2009

Enik Rising, October 2009

Matthew Yglesias, April 2007

Andrew Gelman, Aprile 2007

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